Nadia Mukami, the celebrated secular musician, recently ignited a flurry of reactions online with her throwback photos from high school.

In a surprising revelation, she unveiled a glimpse of her former self, sparking curiosity and nostalgia among her fans.

In the photo’s caption, Nadia fondly reminisced about her high school days, disclosing her love for academics and her favorite subjects, which included Mathematics, Kiswahili, and Chemistry.

What captured the attention of many was her candid admission that she had been a straightforward girl who had never had a boyfriend during her high school years and had a distaste for tight-fitting clothes.

Nadia shared, “I was a bookworm when I was in high school. Very skilled in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Kiswahili but struggled in humanities. This photo was taken at KICD (formerly known as KIE), where my dad used to work. They had a library where I would spend my holidays. I was the type who believed in education over money. How I transitioned into an artist, I still can’t fathom. I was the kind who couldn’t even wear tight trousers, and I didn’t have a boyfriend until I completed school. I know you all know those kinds of people.”

Her revelation stirred a whirlwind of reactions from her devoted fanbase. Many were left in awe of her remarkable transformation from a seemingly traditional and conservative high school student to the bold and confident artist she is today.

One fan, possibly a former classmate from her primary school days, reminisced about Nadia’s earlier days. They shared that Nadia used to preach to them and even entertained the idea of becoming a nun due to her modest attire and demeanour.

Fast forward to the present, Nadia’s style has evolved, and she now confidently wears more revealing attire, especially during performances. This transformation reflects her growth as an artist and her increasing self-assuredness over the years.

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