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Popular YouTuber Eve Mungai has responded to claims that she dresses inappropriately nowadays.

Speaking to her colleague commentator, the 23-year old noted that she has different personalities . She said that while doing her media jobs, she dresses appropriately as expected and what her fans see on Instagram is her other side of life.

“I am a barbie girl in the barbie world…” she joked.

“So many people on my Instagram know what I do there. I think I have created different personalities. There is Mungai Eve as media personality. Mimi hutanipata kwa media ama event am interviewing someone dressed inappropriate it’s very rare, I don’t think you can, hata Trevor the director hawezikubali. On Instagram, I have a different brand whereby I am trying to show people that I am just living…I am just doing what makes me happy. I am just a small girl experiencing life nawaonyesha this are things that are done,” she further said.


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The successful content creator added that people often misunderstand her when her Instagram photos are shared on YouTube or Facebook where she is highly associated with journalism and media.

“Another thing I was in a swimming pool, If I went to the swimming pool dressed like this, they are the same people wangekuwa ‘eeh, wewe na wewe unavaaje kwa swimming pool.’ I think people huwa wanamisunderstand  and mostly if mtu akitoa picha yangu apeleke Facebook. For me there are photos that I can never post on Facebook or YouTube because those two platforms wananichukulia kama Eve the journalist, Eve the media personality siweziwapelekea hizo vitu but on Instagram hata ukiangalia comments it’s very rare to find someone who is hating or something, they understand what I am doing,” she explained.

“On my Instagram I really try like right now I do so many reels when it comes to fashion coz its something that I have a lot of interest in. I try a lot to show them  another side, another life of me apart from what they know. So maybe one or two comments which don’t bother me or I don’t see them. I have been in this space for two years I am used to this,” Eve Mungai further noted.

She also said that the comments don’t affect her in any way. She added that she sometimes replies to them just to have that argument and enjoying the fun.

“When you make fun of me I will make fun of you. Sitakutukana but my comebacks are always strong,” she said.


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