Youtuber Mungai Eve’s comment section has been treated to breath taking comments one one of her posts  with many showing off their ability to zoom.

Yesterday night Mungai Eve posted four pictures of herself accompanied with a reality question caption ”Are you loved because of who you are are  person or because of what you have? Either by your partner or people about you? She posted.

Instead of her followers responding to the question, many opted to focus on her dresscode,her pants to be particular.

According to the comments many from her male followers, Mungai Eve’s trousers seem to have been too tight hence exposing her inners.

Wah! Hiyo yote ni Rosecoco 😂
Kach*ch* kamejichora
@_mosino_ mko na ujinga 😂😂😂😂
@_mosino_ yaaani hiyo tu ndio uliona😂😂😂😂


Another female fan seemed to have foreseen potential comments from Mungai Eve’s followers and gave her an early heads-up of what was about to befall her.

Watasema umefinya hiyo kitu sana 😂😂” she commented
Still in the condemnation spirit  one of her followers revealed that fees that the youtuber is somehow suffering from lack of exposure., but he was met with a stopper from another fan.
Ukienyenji mingi inasumbua uyu dem
@emojeehuncho254 urembo yah manzi yako ina kulwa behind close doors behind your back
As if that was  not enough a follower dragged in Mungai Eve’s boyfriend Director Trevor decrying that his goodies have been exposed.
Chakula ya director iko nje”
Do you think her trouser exposed her goodies as the fans claim?


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