Section of Peponi view estate residents -a gated community in West Lands Constituency, Nairobi- are now counting loses after they were issued a 7 day ultimatum to vacate the area by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

The buildings which are said to have been constructed 6 years ago and sold to individuals are now facing the dangers of collapsing due to what has been termed as poor workmanship by the developers.

The agitated residents are pointing fingers at the developer for failing to rebuild a wall which had been poorly done.

NEMA and NCA visiting the area pointed out that the ongoing excavation at a construction next to the estate is what resulted to the collapsing of a perimeter wall affecting four houses.

NCA has stopped the ongoing excavation near the house which caused the damage of the houses valued at Ksh. 200 Million. It has been said that the NCA officers were denied access to the property filled with CCTV camera by the people guarding the area.

The officers noted that a board highlighting the details of the architect, quantity surveyor, contractor and Engineers name and address which is a legal requirement was missing at the construction site.

Witnesses under anonymity requests said that the excavation which has been underway for three months was lacking a sign board and that the first incident occurred two weeks ago, when the perimeter wall next to house number one and two collapsed during the excavation.

The second incident is said to have occurred on Wednesday when the perimeter wall on the side of house number three and four collapsed.

Only two houses among the four were occupied at the moment but after this incident a notice to vacate the two was issued by Nairobi County Government Officials to avoid any calamity.

The site has also been termed illegal as investigations are carried to find the owner of the property where excavation was ongoing.

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