Amberay alias Faith Makau a Kenyan socialite elicited different reactions from netizens after she was spotted with her estranged fiance, Keneddy Rapudo in his Range Rover during her birthday party.

Hawk-eyed bloggers who had gone to cover the socialite’s birthday filmed Rapudo picking her up from the club to head to an after-party.

In the now viral video, the two former love birds looked in high spirits with Amberay turning heads in a green patterned dress and nude high heels.

The self-proclaimed president of second wives smiled ear to ear as the bloggers grilled her and Rapudo over the state of their relationship.

They answered most questions vaguely with most answers alternating from ”no comment ” to ”goodnight”

The persistent bloggers inquired from Rapudo about the birthday present he had settled on for his fiance to which he cheekily responded by stating that the present was a surprise.

”Mdosi , je ni birthday gift gani umenunulia Amber? Tunaona pale Instagram umetesa sana” the blogger asked

”Birthday present yake ni surprise. Goodnight, no comment” the father of three responded before driving off.

Their reunion comes weeks after the mother of two took to her Instagram account to share with her fans that she had moved out and dumped Rapudo due to his violent nature.

She accused her partner of domestic, emotional, and financial abuse revealing that the ugly side of their much-publicized relationship never made it to their social media accounts.

The socialite listed her love for her children as the major force behind her decision since she did not want to raise them in a violent home.

On their part, Netizens were conflicted. Some were happy for the couple while others accused them of using domestic violence to clout chase for clicks and views on their videos.

Msituchanganye tena ,tushaeneza habari mliachana,hatutaki kukaa waongo tena please”

The saddest part is that they are influencing this generation to think that break up is a way of life only to them there are there for their benefits”

Ukiona watu wamerudiana Unarecord tu” kenyans commented.


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