Meru County Governor, Kawira Mwangaza has made her statement after the Senate saved her yet again from an impeachment.

Speaking to residents In Meru County, the bishop assured her electorates that nobody was going to move her from the gubernatorial seat until her term was over.

She hinted at running for office for the second term adding that If God allowed it, she would continue to serve the people of Meru


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The governor further expressed her hunger to fulfill her goal to rescue the children of Meru county.

”Im here this year, Im here next yera, Im here  the year after next year, niko hapa miaka tano na Mungu akiongeza ingine tano niko hap kama gavava na mungu akiongezea ingine tano niko hapa kama gavana. Hakuna mahali naenda mpka nikamilishe kazi ya kuokolea mtoto wa Meru.” Kawira said in a speech.

Kenyans online took to the comment section to react to Mwangaza’s first statement since her impeachment trial.

Mca wa meru are the ones who need to be impeached..wana kaa jokers”

” GO mama Go”

”Mca’s wa meru waende wakaskie vibaya na huko.Kiongozi ni mama. Period.” netizens commented.

The Meru county boss was facing numerous charges including illegal appointments, nepotism, contempt of court and demeaning, vilifying and bullying other leaders.

Mwangaza denied all the charges levelled against her and she survived the impeachment motion against her after 28 Senators voted ”NO” towards her being impeached.

The senators however expressed that they were considering to invoke article 192 of the constitution and dissolve the county government so that Meru people can be given a fresh start





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