Former radio presenter and now Langata Member Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o is receiving pressure from his friends to release a song of his own following remarks he made to former politician Jaguar.

Toa yako mhesh bana”

Earlier this morning Jalas showed and asked for support to his brother Jaguar who lost his political bid in August 9 polls.

He posted a short YouTube promo clip for Jaguar’s song in collaboration with Lavalava ”Unthinkable” captioning it ”Waziri hii imeweza” and went ahead asking his followers to check out on the song.

His fans had different reactions about the Langata MP’s post with many saying that Jaguar flopped and the song is not good.

”festog1Uongo hii ngoma inaboo buana.

i.kalimi 88 Tujufunze kusema ukweli..the only better part is that for lavalava huko kwingine nigute..
Huu mziki hauna content bure kabisa”Jalas’s followers replied.
Despite a good number feeling otherwise about the song, some  lauded Jalas for promoting Jaguar.
Kazi legit

Thanks for supporting former mhesh❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥

bootsworldofficial Moto sana 🔥”

What’s your opinion about the song?


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