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A Kenyan woman identified as Lizah Njeri Kenya on Instagram is feeling jealous of Kachgirl who was taken on a dinner date by Otile Brown after tattooing his name and dedicating a love song to him.

Lizah is jealous because she also tattooed Willy Paul’s name and expressed her undying love for him several months back but the Saldido owner ignored her.

While Commenting on Otile Brown and Kachgirl’s case, Lizah said that she has no star for love.

“Am jealous sina nyota ya mapenzi mimi Pozze alinilenga tu hivyo. Ni sawa tu,” she said, adding that, “When he reached one million subscribers on YouTube I even bought a cake candles, chocolate to celebrate him too bad he didn’t notice me.”

According to her, she stayed with the cake hoping that Willy Paul will eventually cut it  but it got spoiled

“Ile siku ulifika 1 million subs I was so happy ungedhani ni mimi . I even bought gifts, a cake I lit a candle, chocolates, balloons just to celebrate you for your hard work. Unfortunately you didn’t even notice. The cake got spoiled because I stayed with it hoping you will see the video and come and cut your cake. I was sad. But still let me celebrate you. YouTube isn’t easy being an artist congratulations Willy Paul,” Lizah said.


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Otile Brown had promised to take Kach Gly on a dinner date after returning fro London. That came to pass on Wednesday evening. He saw the young woman get a makeover at Flair By Betty before meeting up for the evening.

The upcoming artist could not hide her joy of meeting her lifetime crush.

“Am so happy kuonana na my crush it was my dream he is such a cute and romantic guy thank you so much wah sijawai pelekwa dinner date your are the first person kunirembesha sjui nikuthank aje i love so much GOB akubless sana and i love so my much have nothing to say buh thank you😍💖💋MY OTILE BROWN,” she shared on Instagram.


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