The security guards in Kenya are now creased in smiles after the government directed that all licensed private security guards be paid a minimum monthly gross salary of ksh. 30,000 with the net pay amounting to Ksh. 26,415.

This has come as the government is set to embark on a nationwide registration, licensing, and issuance of Guard Force Numbers (GFN) for all private security providers in the country in a bid to create a centralized database encompassing the entire private security workforce.

Fazul Mahamed, the Director General of the Private Security Regulatory Authority, in a notice on November 2, 2023, said that Ksh. 30,000 gross pay includes a basic salary of Ksh. 18,994.08, house allowance (Ksh. 2,849.11) and overtime allowance (Ksh. 8,156.81).

The notice also instructed that the employer should deduct NSSF (Ksh. 1,080), Social Health Insurance Fund (Ksh 1,229.75), and Affordable Housing Levy (Ksh. 450), which will leave the security guards with a net pay of Ksh. 26,415.25.

It has been noted in the statement that any person, government institution or private organization failing to pay any licensed guard the mandated amount shall be liable to a fine, imprisonment, or both for a person and Ksh. 2 Million for a company.

“The Authority has commenced nationwide registration, licensing, and issuance of Guard Force Numbers (GFN) to individual private security service providers who include but are not limited to; private security guards, corporate security officers, and all persons providing private security services, either employed or otherwise engaged by Government institutions, agencies or bodies; and/or by any individual.

”The guard Force Number (GFN) is the only proof that a Private Security Officer has been duly registered and licensed by the Authority by the provisions of the Act” the notice read.

There is also a strict warning to any security guard operating without any qualifications from a valid training certificate from an institution accredited by the Authority which may result in a liable fine, imprisonment, or both.


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