Renown Kenyan artist Avril Nyambura has made an astonishing move by deactivating her Instagram account that had over 2 million followers.

The move came moments after revealing that her relationship with her baby daddy J Blessing was rocky.

The mother of one has had a rough time after netizens and bloggers trolled  her Instagram for posting domestic abuse by the  music producer.

She has been furious about the reactions she received after the post, saying it’s the reason people end up killing themselves or fail to report cases of domestic violence.

The singer and actress however took a sudden move of saying that she has forgiven J .Blessing for whatever happened between them leading her to sustain injuries on her forehead.

“I forgive you J, please find in your heart to forgive him too. Everyone is deserving of forgiveness in this life,” she said.

J. Blessing on the other hand defended his case by denying the allegation of assault, saying that it was an altercation that happened in public and not a beating:

“I don’t want to seem like I’m fighting her words but what I can say is that we had an altercation and not a beating. By the time they’re questioning this, then there must have been something beforehand. Maybe she also came at me but I would not want to put the mother of my child in bad light,” he stated

He continued to say that he is not an abuser and that he does not support violence .

“I want to assure everybody that I did not beat her. I am not an abuser. I do not support violence. I am a human being who has made mistakes in my life. Avril and I have agreed that it is best for both of us to stay away from each other to prevent such incidents from happening again,” he shared on Instagram.

The famous video producer has said that they are now in good terms and that he respects the role Avril plays in his life. He also revealed that they had decided to stay away from each other so that they don’t hurt themselves again.

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