Social media Influencer Georgina Njenga has responded harshly to rumours about her dating through her Instagram page.

She is disappointed about people who keep asking her if she is seeing someone demanding them put an end to such nonsense, adding that her life does not revolve around relationships only.

”Not everyone you see me with is even hitting on me,” she rebuked.

She stated that she is still 22 and that she is not even looking for a relationship at the moment.

Here are some of the netizens reactions to the post:

“This one is spoiling our mood😂😂we are still celebrating Garnachos GOAL”

“I’m only 22 and relationships are not my thing yet ako na mtoto”

“No need to explain to humans,we believe what we want not what you say”

Georgina is an ex-girlfriend to Tyler Mbaya, famously known as Bahati and they have a daughter together.

A few months ago, the mother of one said that she was in another relationship when she was announcing her break up with the father of her child.

“We broke up. I am in a new relationship with a new man,” she answered a fan’s query.

“This is a different type of love. I never knew such love existed before, to be honest. I am in a good place.” she said to another.

After the break up with the baby Daddy, the influencer has been linked to several individuals and seems fed up with people always wanting to find out if she is in love again.

In a wordy post that she shared recently, she poked fun at how people have been trying to figure out her love life.

“Heeeh every day I wake up to a new story about my relationship status,” she jested.

“Mara South Sudanese then again Nigerian lol heeh si you all just leave me alone,” she further wrote.

She finished off the wordy post assuring fans that she was not dating anyone yet and that she was focusing on herself.



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