Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala has admitted that she received 10% of the money that Harmonize earned in shows and performances for only two months.

Speaking to the media while being introduced as the brand ambassador for Luna pads, Kajala said Harmonize didn’t provide the 10% when they started dating

She also said that she is not the only one who had the singer’s bank pins and passwords as he claimed.

“Ukienda kwenye swala la password ambazo anaz0sema I think vijana wake wote wa Konde gang wana password yake. Kila mtu anatumwa pale kuenda kuchukua…akitaka hela ATM anamtuma kila mtu ana password yake pale Konde gang, ukisema kuwa ni mimi peke yangu nilikuwa na hio password ni uongo. Kuhusu asilimia kumi tulipokuwa tumeanza ilikuwa si ukweli then miezi miwili before mimi na yeye kuachana ndio alinipa hio asilimia kumi then tukakuja tukaachana so ni miezi miwili tu,” she said.

(On  the password issue that he mentioned I think all his team at Konde gang have his passwords. He used to send everyone to ATM incase he needed cash. If you say that I was the only one with his passwords it’s a lie. About the 10%, when we began dating i never existed, it only came two months before we broke up)

Harmonize opened up on their relationship a week ago after Kajala mentioned him negatively in her reality TV series, Behind The Gram. In a long post on Instagram, The Single hitmaker said told Kajala to list all the good things that he did for her.

“Tell everyone the good things I did, tell them that I gave you 10% of revenue I made from endorsements and shows, tell them you had everything including the pin number to my bank accounts.Tell people how many men reclaimed their things including the phones they bought you. Tell them how I left you the car and everything. Tell them how you called TRA asking if I gave you a fake card for the car, poor God’s child, you don’t believe,” he said.

The Konde gang boss also claimed that Kajala assaulted him.

“Tell them about the last time you insulted me and beat me hoping I will do the same so you can swap it and post that I beat you, but I was smart,” he said.



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