Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Lynne have welcomed their baby girl.

The comedian announced the arrival of their newborn by sharing photos of him and Lynne in hospital. Lynne was holding their bundle of joy whom they have since named Princess Kyla Omondi.

Eric Omondi’s post has since garnered 488 comments, most of which were congratulatory, by the time of publishing this story. Here are some of the messages he received.

Betty Kyallo; Congratulations.

Director Trevor: Congratulations mwanangu

Amber Ray: Congratulations my peeps.

Muma Pix: God’s grace is sufficient

Nyar Madam: Waah enyewe kunakuanga na wasichana warembo hapa nje: Huyu ametoka kujifungua  na anakaa poa hivi while mimi I was looking like  an urang tang kwa ward after delivery. A very big congratulations Erico.


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Kyla is born just two weeks after the couple held as a unique gender reveal party. The two revealed their baby’s gender through a waterfall, a move that subjected them to criticisms.

Addressing critics, Eric said that they used fish food and the environment was not polluted.

“Hatajuchafua mazingira tumefanya pale kwenye aquatic life, kuna vitu ambavyo aunaeza tumia ambavyo nikama chakula ya samaki, kuna organic colours kwa lugha ya kimombo wanaita food color.’Alafu pia lazima uchukue permission kutoka kwa watu wa maji, hauwezi kubaliwa kufanya kitu kama hiyo lazma uwe na license,”Eric Omondi said.

The president of comedy also said that he will charge Kshs50 million to reveal the face of his daughter.

”For me to reveal the face of my baby I must be paid 50 Million Kenyan shillings and the person who will pay me atakama ni magazine mtaionea hapo ”


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