Controversial pastor Ezekiel Odero is a happy man today after the  Shanzu courts released him at 3 million bond or 1.5 million cash bail.

Presiding Judge Olaga Sewe cited that the state did not provide enough reasons to hold Pastor Ezekiel for 30 more days as requested by the prosecutor.

“Having perused and considered the Notice of Motion dated 3rd May 2023 together with the averments set out in its Supporting Affidavit, sworn on 3rd May 2023 by Ev. Ezekiel Ombok Odero, I am satisfied that the said application is indeed urgent,” Justice Sewe said.

Ezekiel has more reasons to smile as the court also certified his application for the state to reopen his New life prayer center and restore broadcasting of his television channel as urgent.

The matter would be heard on May 8. The Communications Authority (CA) had suspended operations of World Evangelism TV and Times TV which are associated with Odero saying the two media houses had flouted 17 broadcasting license conditions.

“It is hereby ordered that the application be and is hereby certified urgent and the same be served forthwith on the respondents for inter partes hearing on 8th May 2023.”

The controversial pastor got arrested on April 27 2023 and charged with radicalization, mass deaths of his congregants and an alleged connection to his friend pastor Paul Mackenzie.

The prosecution said it had established a connection between Ezekiel and Mackenzie after tracking down money transaction amounting to 3M from Ezekiel to the latter.

The New life church leader defended himself in court explaining that the money was payment for purchasing a TV station from the alleged killer Pastor.

Prosecution earlier admitted that all deaths that occurred at the televangelist’s church were reported to the police but at the time of reporting no reasons emerged for the Police to suspect criminal activities.




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