Musician Colonel Mustafa has admitted that he is the one who was captured in a viral video working at a construction site.

In an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Mustafa said that life had become hard forcing him to work in construction sites. The Lenga Stress hitmaker added that he has been doing the work for so long and had tried so hard to keep it a secret

“Maisha imekuwa ngumu. Ni shughuli ambayo nilikuwa nimeifanya kwa muda na nilikuwa nimeficha sana. Nilijaribu sana ifichike.(Life has become difficult. I have been doing that for so long and I tried so hard to hide it)” the artist revealed.

He further denied claims of chasing clout adding that his mother is battling cancer and that they have spend a lot in treating her.

“It is something that I have done, my mother is battling cancer. That is what has contributed so much for me to hustle, because a lot of money is needed. I am grateful for my friends who have called me,” Mustafa said.

He however said promised to that he would give further details about his situation later.


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