Popular artist Truphena Wanjiru alias Fena Gitu has come out to speak on the pressure she initially faced to change her style as an upcoming musician.

The ”Tuko pacho” hit maker has a unique style which many term as ”Tom boy” fashion. She is mostly spotted in jeans and suits or fashion that has a masculine edge to it. Her sense of style has been a source of controversy for years on end.

Speaking in a recent interview, the artist finally addressed the speculations surrounding her style. She stated that at first the pressure was intense but it did not feel right for her to change who she was so as to appeal to the masses.

Gitu advised against packaging one self to appease the crowd owing to the fact that it sets you up to a lifetime of seeking for validation.

”It just did not cloak for me. I did not know how to change myself for people coz I feel like that sets you up for people’s approval consistently and forever. So If I choose one day to do lashes and heels its coz I choose to do it not coz I was packaged this way for people to like me.,’ she explained.

The entertainer further added that she had to tone down a bit for in the beginning her style was very different. She stated that at times she would be very dressed up but in a suit and that would result to a lot of confusion. Gitu credited her attitude as being the major reason why people backed off and learnt to appreciate her as an artist regardless of her style.

”In the very beginning, my style was different, like boyish super casual sometimes I would be very dressed up but in a suit and its like what’s going. It was a tough climb but I think the more people see enyewe you dont care about what they think, they kind off just back off and let you do your thing. That has given me room to explore and just experiment myself in different contexts and social space. Being able to interact with fans openly,” she added.

The musician has been in the past rumoured  to  be dating various female celebrities including beauty mogul Michelle Ntalami, claims both of them refuted.


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