Social  media enthusiasts have requested celebrity couple Diana  and Kevin Kioko,to do all that it takes to ensure that their relationship works.

The request comes at a time where kenya’s showbiz is experiencing a series of breakups especially from well sought after celebrities who seemed to be having most of their lives together.

Daina B and Bahati received the plea from a fan through comment section of one of their lovey-dovey posts where the two  gave a picture of how couples struggle contain themselves when their significant other leave their phones unlocked.

”😂😂😂😂 Kwani Siri ya Kutunza Ndoa ni gani???😂😂😂 @diana_marua #TheBahatis” They teased on the post caption which made fans jump; into the comment section.

”Ni nyinyi tu mmebaki kwa Game saii … Don’t disappoint us your fans 😫‼️‼️

”Nyinyi tu ndio hamjaachana😂😂😂 don’t disappoint us😂😂😂usiangalie hiyo kitunguu please 😂RE”

Daina and Bahati have been on Kenyan’s  radar over their conduct and explicit content they disseminate online, however this could be what keeps the fire burning.

The two parade their affection online and at times getting into the nerves of their exes and some Kenyans .

”Sasa, ma’EX wetu wanaskiangaje Jamani??? 🤧 Huku mahaba tuuu 🥳❤️ #DubaiAtoZ”’
Diana posted on On her Instagram during their vacation in Dubai.

The two hardly respond to critics of their content but on a particular response to Pastor Ezekiel where he attacked ladies named Diana that made Kenyans know how the couple is in love.

Bahati reve4saled that he will officially marry Daina Marua on 12th December 2023 tow which replied;

“Thank you God you knew about this day before I was even born. You’ve loved us, wiped our tears. You’ve taught us how to love unconditionally. You have taught me how respect is important to my husband and most importantly what it means to be a submissive husband. Thank you for gifting me your favoured child @BahatiKenya .Thank God for this day 12/12/2023 I will be married to my best friend. History will be made glory to you alone,” she said.

Kate Actress and Director Phil are the latest celebrity couple to announce that they are no  longer in a relationship. The two got married in  November 2017 at Windsor Golf hotel and country club and proceeded to their honeymoon in Seychelles.

However on Tuesday September 19, they dropped the bombshell revealing that they broke up a long time ago but chose to keep the matter private.

“We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and separated. We sincerely request everyone to honour our wishes for privacy for us and our children,” the duo said in  a joint statement.

Other celerities who have broken up include Blessing lungaho and Jackie ,Matubia, Nick mutuma and Bridgit Shighadi,Tyler Mbaya and Georgina Njenga , Bwire Ndubi and Mike Sonko.

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