Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika has recently been seen on her Instagram dressing skimpily on her tour to the United States after her break up with singer Brown Mauzo.

Since early September this year Vera has been cladding provocative outfits which has not sat well with some section of online users who feel she is exposing too much of her flesh publicly.

Her Latest Donning of combat pants while her backside is sagging outwardly while her thong could be seen bisecting her big behind and her torso was nearly topless  has especially angered some Kenyans who think she is not setting a good precedent as an influencer.

The mother of two is often not shy to show her curvaceous body which has got people opining  that her  superficial physical attraction is the only thing that defines her.

Netizen flocked to the comment section to fire at her to what they deemed as an indecent and deleterious.

@jamilla_mohammed The fact that people are actually seeing this as lit 🔥 is just alarming! Women can do better ! Yaaani content imeisha watu wamefikia apo??! A big No!!!! U r embarrassing urself woman. Wakutupa mawe kujeni.

@hunkbonnie Remember woman is a mother to two. Is this how to set an example after a breakup. Another man out there got the audacity to take her as his bae. It will always end in premium tears coz she belongs to the streets.

@jamuhuri bwari When a a big woman with kids decide to show this what a you looking for!!shame on you

@essyryny Wewe nae vaa suruali vizuri,,tumechoka kuona nyash zako😂.

Vera’s return to lavish  traverses abroad has been linked to Brown Mauzo who has also been taunted for their separation. Vera has dated Tanzanian Jimmy Chansa, Nigerian Yommy Johnson, and Kenyan RnB heartthrob Otile Brown. Those relationships all ended publicly, and it was not pretty.











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