African popstar Nadia Mukami has been challenged by her fans that should things change with ArrowBwoy she can try her lack with another Kenyan artist.

Nadia’s fans advised her to try out a relationship with celebrated Kenyan HipHop artist  BreederLw,they argue that Nadia and Breeder can look good together

This recommendation came after Nadia gave her followers on her Instagram which has about 1.8 million followers where she asked them to ask her any questions.

“Can you date Breeder Lw. You can make a perfect match.” One of her fans commented on her post to which Mama Kai replied to the comment with laughing emojis, “Haha Lol”

The pop star who is currently dating the Kenyan rapper and superstar has really grown her music career. Having dated for two years, the two love birds have a son called Kai who they love very much to  an extend of composing a song for him

Regardless of their relationship being rocky and having ups and downs, the two have stuck together till now and it is not a secret Arrow Boy loves Nadia Mukami.

A while back Mama Kai considered herself to be single until the formalities of dowry payment were done by Arrow Boy. She stated that her partner was with her on credit and until he fulfils the traditional custom she does not see herself as married. This caused an uproar on social media but the songwriter was only stating facts.

“I am single as far as I know until the father of my child pays my dowry.”Nadia said during an interview

The Kenyan Hip-Hop artist Breeder Lw who is rumored to be in a relationship with Maandy, has not commented anything about this.


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Do you think Nadia and Breeder can make a good couple?

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