Controversial TikToker, content creator and influencer, Nyako Pilot, has given a stern warning to the famous YouTuber Mungai Eve against interviewing Brian Chira.

Nyako accused Eve of taking advantage of other content creators who are clueless about their rights. She says that Eve Mungai was a young girl who had nothing and that she only became rich because of content creators.

“Nikupate umeinterview Brian Chira after I am gone. Eve Mungai was nothing, walking in a t shirt and some very cheap jeans trouser. You have made yourself rich through using content creators  that don’t even know their rights,” Nyako said.

She further accused Eve of being selfish, adding that she is among the people who built her.

“Mimi sijawaiona Eve Munai akitia charity anywhere, sijawai one. Kuna mahali Eve Mungai hutoa charity?iko?iko?iko?Wewe Eve, you are very very ,you are very very selfish, that is my opinion about you. You are very selfish. I am one of those people who built Eve Mungai,” she further claimed.


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Other Vloggers such as Presenter Ali, Obidan Dela and Oga Obina were not spared either. Nyako told them to spare Chira the trouble of dragging him into their cheap interviews.

According to her, Chira had lost everything therefore they should leave him alone.

“Presenter Ali, nani tena obina nipate mmeita Brian Chira for your cheap interviews wachaneni na uyu mtoto. Now that Brian has lost everything, mwacheni, just leave that boy alone, just let him be,” the Germany-based Kenya said.





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