Comedian Eric Omondi is not new to charity sprees but on Sunday evening, the controversial comedian took things a notch higher.

Omondi did a stopover where he gave free fuel to 250 lucky Boda-boda riders.

Taking to his largely followed Instagram account, the entertainer posted a video of himself in a petrol station surrounded by a huge crowd of riders who seemed to have brought business at the petrol station to a standstill.

As he helped fueling one Boda-boda, the riders  cheered on, their boda-boda’s  beeping and  ”Erico, Erico Wetu, ” chants filling the air

”Nimepata maboy wangu hapa wameishiwa na fuel, nikatoa ile kidogo nilikua nayo. the comedian explained .

Omondi further challenged politicians to take a pay cut for 5 months  and direct it to subsidies so as to help ease the burden of the rising cost of living on the common man.

“The Kenya Kwanza government is hellbent on suffocating and choking mwananchi. I am calling upon the president, Deputy president, Prime Cabinet Secretary, All MPA, All Mcas to take a 5 months pay cut. Kila mtu anaumia take a pay cut and subsidize fuel with the same” captioned the entertainer.

Kenyans Flooded the comment section, some lauding the comedian for his charitable works while others hinted that Omondi’s generosity was nothing more but a political stunt to get the Langa’ta electorates  to warm up to him.

”Umewasaidia manzee”

”That’s the way to go bro”

”This man has already set the ground on his feet and he doesn’t need to say what he may be looking for but we people are for everything you ”

“Eric Omondi has his cards right, he’s coming for that Langata seat in the next election. Keep going” Some of the fans commented.

Omondi has been consistently in the limelight for his new found passion in philanthropy. He has been holding demonstrations against the skyrocketing cost of living, bailing out petty offenders in Nairobi among many other charitable deeds.


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