Comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has called upon Kenyans to help raise funds that will aid the burial of a man who passed away in 2019.

The body of the late Eric Gori has been lying at the Chiromo mortuary for the past years since his family was unable to raise money required to settle bills.

According to Omondi, the late Eric left behind two children and his mother has been in agony for being unable to bury her son for all those years.

The comedian is however positive that the online fundraiser will raise the required Kshs780,000 and the late Eric will be laid to rest this Friday. He is also positive that the proceeds will also help educate the late’s children.

“This is Eric Gori, He died in 2019 and has been laying at the Chiromo Mortuary for 5 Years. You can imagine what the Mother has endured for the 5 years. Eric left behind two Children. I have called the Mortuary and asked them to prepare the body we are burying this FRIDAY!!! We will give our brother Rest and give his mother Peace. The Bill is 780K…Hii tuta Raise Leo na kesho tupeleke mwili nyumbani tuzike. Na bado tulipie watoto school fees. START SENDING to his mother on 0706959715 (Her Name is Jane Omondi). I will be going live with her tonight from 8pm,” he shared on social media.


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The financial appeal comes weeks after the president of comedy helped another family bury their baby, four months after his dead. Baby Dylan was yet to be buried because of Ksh2.8 million hospital bill.

“Dylan Calmax died 4 months ago and has not been buried yet because of a bill that accrued to 2.8 Million. Her mother Christine Mbale needs to rest his boy so she can get closure. She is TRAUMATIZED,” Omondi shared.

The minor was buried on October 26  at the Lang’ata cemetery.




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