Popular gospel musician Daddy Owen has come out to explain the nature of his relationship with president William Ruto’s daughter Charlene.

In a phone interview with Milele FM Presenter, Owen denied being romantically involved with the first daughter.

He further warned Ankali that such might land him in trouble but said that he is just friends and work partners with Charlene

“Aah tena hio ni gani? Kuna vitu zingine zenye unaezaongelea na zingine hufai kuongelea, Zingine ni noma. Huko tusiende. We ni brother yangu siwezitaka ukuwe kwa noma. Pale ni job tu, si tunapiga tu job, tunafanya tu kazi. Apart from being just friends, tunawork pamoja kuna projects nyingi tunafanya pamoja. Lakini si kila saa ati mkioniona na mtu lazima ikuwe ni mtu,” he said.

Daddy Owen also declined to confirm whether Charlene is single..

“Hio ni swali ngumu sana kuniuliza siku hizi kila mtu anashare mambo yake. Sisi ni marafiki sana lakini kikazi,” he said.

In the recent days, Owen and Charlene have been hanging out more often.

In September 27, the Tobina hitmaker shared  his photo with Charlene, captioning it, “Step by step… every stride counts.🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️@charleneruto.”

The move attracted wild reactions from fans, some congratulating him as others urged them to date.

“Pita na huyu,” an Instagram user said.

“Ni kama arusi tunayo,” read another comment as another noted, “Nowadays Owen amekuwa closed sana na mtoto wa president.”

Three weeks ago, the duo also were also captured playing basketball after witnessing a match.

“After the match between Deaf Kings vs Tigers, we decided to showcase our basketball skills together with @tolina_nick and @charleneruto … but I am a natural. Btw @tolina_nick runs a centre for sign language, inaitwa Galaxy Sign Language Training Center in Nairobi and Mombasa.. kindly DM him for more info,” he captioned their photo.


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A week ago, Charlene and Daddy Owen reunited again for several missions in Kerugoya

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