DP Rigathi Gachagua has tickled Kenyans after admitting that he becomes shy and words fail him anytime he stands up to address women.

Speaking to students and teachers at Mugoiri Girls High School, Gachagua said he will not be able to give a lengthy speech because of being shy.

The second in commander however noted that every human being has his/her own weakness.

“Today I will not say anything because I’m in a situation that I’m not able to say much. You know I’m a truthful person and the truth of the matter is that I’m very shy to face so many girls. So Kwa Leo wacha Tu. Unajua hakuna mtu hana weakness yake. We may look very strong there, lakini with all these girls looking at me, I’m not able to say much” Gachagua said.

He further said that he will do whatever the school’s administration will ask him to do.

“I heard the chairman say I should take care of something. Whatever it is that he will ask me to do I will do” said Gachagua.

He also praised his Boss William Ruto for standing firm against the ongoing countrywide protests by the opposition. The DP said that Ruto is successfully managing to protect lives and properties of innocent Kenyans.

“Your excellency even as I am unable to face this girls. I want to thank you on behalf of the government and the people of Kenya for your leadership and strategic guidance in restoring sanity in our country. You swore to protect the constitution and in that constitution there’s providence for protecting the lives and properties of Kenyans and that is what you have done”he added.

Gachagua had accompanied president Ruto on a tour in Muranga county.




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