Kenyan UK based content creator Shorn Arwa has revealed that she is having a tough time to decide on when and what to do with her body.

Just alike nay woman Shorn Arwa’s body changed after delivering her first baby and according to her Instagram stories she feels overwhelmed.

”Ohh let me clarify please my body is so beautiful and I love love it I just don’t know what to do with a big body ..I struggle dressing it up at times more so the top.” She revealed.

In relation to her prior statements Shorn Arwa noted that she is also being filled by many emotions since she had planned to do make over when her son was one year.

” I have been thinking of getting my bobs done as soon as my baby is one but now that’s almost time a little scared.”

She further stated through her Instagram stories that her circle has advised her that it is advisable to breastfeed her son until 18 months before of thinking of undergoing any procedure.

”Also I have been seeking advice most people recommended breastfeeding until at least 18 months so I have to wait ”

To top it all her decision to have a body make over is also being weighed by the fact that her husband loves children.

‘The truth is that I always wanted just 1 baby (that’s if I ever wanted) then I get a whole mommy makeover but our oga loves babies so am kinda having a dilemma” added.

“Can I breathe? Can the stitches at least heal? Haven’t you watched my video, I almost died. Currently, I don’t want another child, not unless I change my mind. “Coz having a child is a lot, I’ve learned that having a child is a lot a full-time, a lifetime commitment, right now “Shorn Arwa stated in an interview after revealing that she had given birth a few months ago after missing in action for sometime.

The content creator who is unapologetic about her materialistic nature is eating life on a big soon.

She was gifted two expensive cars BMW X1 which is approximately 15 Million Kenya shillings and later BMWX3 as an upgrade  followed by a Tesla.

“We had a discussion and agreed I was gonna get an upgrade, so we are getting a different car, “I really don’t know much about cars. If someone would have even bought me a Vitz or any small car, I would have been so happy,” She revealed upon the car upgrade.

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