Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has reacted to Dr. Ofweneke’s recent interview, where he talked about their failed marriage.

The comedian said that he was the one who left Nicah after realising that their marriage was not working out.

In an Instagram post, the mother of two however told off Ofweneke saying that she doesn’t get dumped. According to her, she is the one who dumps men.

“Ooh boy don’t get me started . We both know I don’t get dumped. I do the dumping. It’s crazy what people convince themselves to feel better,” she said.

Nicah further threatened to prove that she is the one who dumped the TV 47 presenter.  She also tagged Obinna, expressing interest interest in being interviewed by him so that she could share her own side of the story.

“Someone tell Dr Ofweneke to not dare me!! I have receipts🤣🤣🤣🤣 we both know the truth🤣🤣🤣🤣 sips tea!!! I think my second name should be “an ex one can never forget!” I’m a stamp baby🤪 #Jesusgurl @ogaobinna I think we should have a sit down!!!!” she said

In the interview with Oga Obinna, Dr. Ofweneke  spoke of the worst mistake  he made while married to the artist. According to him, Nicah was a perfect wife but at some point, he felt that their relationship was not just working out.

“I ignored the foundation. Relationships don’t work out because we get into relationships with the idea of changing what attracted us to them in the beginning. You get? This is what I like about you, then I want to come in and do a whole interior redecorating. So I want to turn you into what I prefer,” he said adding that he put the burden of happiness on Nicah.

As a result,Ofweneke said it leads to cheating.

“Otherwise people are stuck in power relationships whereby one person is just charging the other. So the other one is full, and the other one is left empty.They have to go look for another person to refill them,” the comedian said.

He recalled the exact moment that he decided to walk out of the marriage.

“I remember that day that I left, I remember God was laughing in my ear, this was not the marriage He had planned for me. Actually, we were holding hands watching Netflix. We were in the house, the kids were there, my brother and sister,” he recounted.




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