Once again Diamond is seemingly ignorant of his son with Tanzanian model and actress Hamissa Mobetto. This after he took Nillan, Tiffah and Naseeb Jnr  to his performance in Rwanda.

They all met in Tanzania before they jetted to Kigali, Rwanda to witness their Father’s performance at the Trace Awards.

The three siblings and their Dad were accompanied by Mama Dangote and Zuchu. Diamond took  to Instagram to  share a post of his convoy and his three kids while entering the Jet.

“Kigali Rwanda one time for the @traceawardsandfestival,” he wrote.

The father of four has for the umpteenth time been blasted for leaving out his son Dylan Abdul whom shares with Hamissa Mobbeto.

This is not the first instance where Diamond has overlooked Dylan. This year in August,  Dylan celebrated his sixth birthday but Diamond did not acknowledge him as he celebrated his womb escape day.

Hamissa in an interview with Tanzanian bloggers, at the time, broke her silence on the issue by stating that she is not fazed that whatever happens it is in account of God’s plan.

“I am very good, very okay. I am a person who aligns with God’s plans. So whatever someone does at this moment, it will happen, and it can’t negatively affect me in any way because life is predestined,” she said.

Diamond bore Princess Tiffah and Nillan with Zari Hassan and his last born Naaseeb  Jnr, whom he threw for  lavish celebration party, he sired with Tanasha Donna.

Diamond earlier admitted that his favorite child is princess Tiffah who he revealed he would leave all his business empire to. The son he sired with Hamisa Mobetto is disadvantaged with all the love and attention going to his other kids.




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