Trisha khalid

Trisha Khalid has become a household name in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The actress rose to popularity via TikTok. She has featured in the popular Kovu series and her success in acting can be witnessed in the ongoing series, Becky, that airs on Citizen TV.

Despite being famous, there are a number of things about her that still remain unknown and in this article, we seek to unravel them.

The first thing that is not known to many is her original name. Her real name is Fosi Mpole Hamisi.

Secondly, she is 29-years old.

Trisha was born and raised in Mombasa and was brought up by a single mother after her dad passed away when she was young.

“I grew up in Likoni, Mombasa, raised by a single mum. My dad passed away when I was very young, three years to be exact,” she opened up to Daily Nation.

Her current career does not reflect what she went to school to study.

“In college I studied to work as a cabin crew but as fate would have it, I’m now doping something totally different, acting,” she said.

Aside form that, Trisha says that her curvy shape is genetic.

“You should see my mum, she is also blessed, Mashallah! Even so, I used to work out but had to stop[ when I got into acting due to lack of time,” she said.

Trisha and Stevo however left Kenyans talking when they sparked romantic relationship between them as they gushed over each other online a while back. Later, Stevo came out to deny having an affair with Trisha in July.

According to him, his supposed romance was clout that had been planned by his immediate former management.

“The women, like Trisha Khalid, that was just clout. My manager was the one planning that. I was not okay, I didn’t like that because I have a wife. Why would I post another woman on my Instagram and say that I was dating her?  I told them(management) I was not okay with it as well as my wife,” he said.

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