David Wonder

Gospel musician David Wonder has revealed the reasons why he took a break from his  Music career.

Speaking to Spm Buzz, the singer said that he has been unwell for quite a long time, defaulting him to be missing in action.

He responded to his fans and followers, who have been asking him of his whereabouts, saying that he told them to watch out for the moment he would release a song or be seen in public, for that  would be an encouraging sign that he was getting better.

He further disclosed that his health status has adversely affected his career, robbing him of creativity and freedom to continue practicing his craft as his doctors had advised that he needed to be on bed rest to fully recover.

“Hadi saa hii venye nimeanza kazi hivi I’m not supposed to be moving hivi ama kudance venye nadance but then again siezi kaa hivi ningoje nipone of which sijui inaenda for how long,” David Wonder said.

The singer and songwriter continued to say that he had to sneak back to his career so that he could be able to put bread on the table.

He has been unwell since last year April but said that the health condition was becoming manageable.

His album titled ‘Mwanzo’ was released when he was still not in good shape and whose songs he prefers not to listen as it makes him reminisce on his dark past.

David Wonder also narrated how he came to collaborate with Mr. Seed’s wife Nimo Gachuiri on the song ‘Ataonekana’ that has inspired many who have come across the duet.

According to him, he reached out to Mr. Seed so that he could do a collabo with Nimo during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Seed however did not buy into the idea and left it pending.

“So this year, something happened. Seed amekuwa one of those people wenye wamekuwa wakireach out sana. Kuna siku akanicall, nilikuwa down sana. Nilikuwa msick sana halafu the previous night nilikuwa nimeibiwa so akanicall, ni one of those people akicall unataka kuopen up so nikaanza kumlilia mimi ni msick on top of kuwa msick nimeibiwa, then Seed ni one of those people atakusikiliza kama hana solution its either atakucheka ma akuambie kitu funny. After kuniskiza akaniambia iza joh sasa nitakusaidia aje, utafanya collabo na Nimo? So hasira yangu ikacome times teo, hii kitu nilikuambia 3 years ago ndio  unacome kuniambia sahi,” he narrated.

The recent collabo came as a breakthrough for him through his friend Mr.Seed after being robbed amidst his predicament.

He promised his fans that he is working on songs which he looks forward to release as now he is in a better position.

His most popular songs are Ndogo ndogo, One God, Za baba, Maajabu, Washangaze among others.


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