A middle aged woman in Kahawa sukari found herself in a rather difficult situation after accepting an offer of a sumptuous KFC meal from a man.

The man in question treated her with a KFC meal worth Kshs670 and in return, he expected that she would spend the night with her, probably to find some heat during this cold El Nino season.

The woman was however not willing to accompany the man for the night, bearing in mind that she had a young child at her house.

Agitated by her action, the man decided to use force in a bid to drag her to a “room”, mishandling her in the process.

Having no other option, the woman resorted to tears and she resisted but luckily, Derrick Mbugua, a popular Facebook personality passed by and intervened.

“Met this guy hapo Kahawa Sukari pulling this lady and giving her serious threats because she refused to go with him “kwa room” after he bought her KFC worth  Kshs670. The guy was insisting the lady to pay back his Kshs670 or accepts to be eaten in the room. We managed to get the lady a boda boda and she went hom,” Mbugua shared on Facebook accompanied by a video of the occurrence.

In the video, the man was still roughing up the woman as Mbugua demanded to know what why he was mishandling her.

“Why are you mishandling her, mwanamke hakutaki. Hii nyama ambayo unamlipisha ni yeye amekutoa pesa kwa mfuko?” he questioned the man.

Having been cornered, the man was forced to let go of the woman, and further dumped the food package at her feet.

“Wachana na chakula yake. 670 isifanye uende ukakuliwe, umesema uko na mtoto mdogo kwa nyumba? Panda piki piki upelekwe kwako nyumba,” Mbugua engaged the woman.

He further cautioned the man against a mishandling women.

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