Instagram has warned gospel singer Daddy Owen that he might lose his account any moment over his recent anti-LGBTQ posts.

According to the notification that the Vanity hitmaker received, some of his previous posts did not follow the community guidelines.

Instagram noted that his posts were pulled down because his they propagated hate speech and had hate symbols.

Daddy Owen is however unmoved by the warning and still holds to what he believes in, saying that he can not support the queer community.

He noted that they previously preached the gospel without social media and it reached masses.

“Guys.. I May end up losing my Instagram account, and that’s fine.. I never knew one day we will get to this, in fact this is a confirmation I am fighting against forces of evil. The Bible says we put on the full armor of GOD, I am ready! Gutsy and Valiant.! We Preached the GOSPEL without INSTAGRAM and we reached millions! We will do it again, we shall not RELENT!!! Hatutakubali MASHOGA na WASAGAJI..!! #saynotolgbtqinkenya,” he said.


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A section of his followers however feel that LGBTQ members in the country are the reason why Daddy Owen received the warning. According to them, members of the community have been reporting his account.

Other have however urged him to open a new account so that they can follow him , adding that they will not tolerate anything that goes against God.



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