Its is a sad day for Comedian Eric Omondi and his fans following his un called for 2nd time arrest.

Eric Omondi was arrested by police shortly after setting foot at City Stadium where he was expected to give out Unga for free to Kenyans.

The comedian who is gradually  turning to be an activist briefed Kenyans of his intentions to share unga as a move to reduce hunger levels in the country.

“So this is the Plan. Next Week Tuesday 7th March we will March to State House from Uhuru Park to Present our CVs, Rent Arrears, School Fee Arrears, Basic Goods Shopping Lists and Electricity Bills.

Today’s arrest come at a tome where he had scheduled plans and Kenyans were waiting for the donations.

” This Wednesday we meet at City Stadium from 11am to 2pm as we share a packet of Unga with everyone that intends to join us to State house. We are calling upon well wishers to donate Unga (DO NOT GIVE MONEY, JUST UNGA) If you want to donate a packet or more please Contact 0718891427 or bring the unga to City Stadium on Wednesday. #UNGAnaMovement.” Eric stated.

Kenyans are however concerned over the arrest of Eric Omondi with  many pointing at the freedom of expression and assembly.

The comedian was arrested last week and taken to the Central Police station while demonstrating around parliament buildings asking the government to lower the cost of Living.

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