President William Ruto today breathed fire down his cabinet and permanent secretaries who turned up late for contract signing locking them out of the state house function.

Addressing top government officials at the Performance Contract Signing on Tuesday, August 1, President Ruto said the exercise should not be taken lightly as it is the most important function to Kenyans. He warned the government officials of being late to functions as it would lead to their dismissal.

“I don’t know whether it is because these performance contracts have been going on for 20 years, that many people may be mistakenly, think that it is a ritual. And that is why people resort to the old incompetent excuses. That there was traffic for them not to be in the the most important public function. We have a job because we have a contract if you cannot keep time with your employer, you have basically dismissed yourself. ” Ruto said.

The head of state also demanded for written explanations from those who came late, saying he expects more valid reasons and not lame excuses like traffic.

” For for those who came late, who are members of the executive, I will be expecting a written explanation, and it should not include matters of traffic on why they do not take this performance contracts seriously, ” Ruto added.

The commander in chief further condemned his Cabinet secretaries for being clueless on what goes on in their ministries.

” The moment I know more than you in your ministry then there’s something wrong. Because by constitution you’re supposed to advise me. Explain to me how you’re going to advise me if you have less information than I do. Who will be advising who? I call my Ps to ask what’s going on and they have no clue. “Ruto lamented.

Among those who were locked out were trade cabinet secretary Moses Kuria and his counterpart Interior cabinet secretary Kindiki.

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