willy Paul

Willy Paul is warning a yet to be identified person to leave him alone.

The artist took to Instagram to claim that the individual send gun men to his studio, a move that seemingly was aimed at intimidating him.

He however noted that he is not shaken and that he 10 times ahead of the said individual.

“I wonder why  you’d do that, boss stay out of my life. Sending people with guns  to my studio won’t help. Leave me alone . I am 10 steps ahead . Consider this a warning I may look stupid but I am not,” Willy Paul wrote on Instagram.

Screenshot of Willy Paul’s Insta story


This however comes barely 24 hours after he said that he will release a new song in a few days time. Willy Paul noted that he had taken a break in releasing new songs on purpose. According to him, the move was intended to prove that the Kenya music Industry can not survive without him.

He thrashed the songs that have since been released while he was on break.

“I’m Sorry Fam, I know I’ve Disappointed Most Of You By Not Releasing Any New Music. Anyway, I Did All That On Purpose. To Show All Of You How The Industry Is Bullshit Without My Input. Some Will Differ With Me But Majority Will Take My Side. Musicians Have Tried Releasing Content But Waaaaapppi?? 😆 Since I Love My Fans And My Haters Equally, I’ve Decided To Do Away With The Punishment. Giving You New Music In Afew Days. I’m Glad Now Everyone Knows That Without Pozze, The Kenyan Industry Is As Good As Dead! Lesson learnt! To All Of You That Kept Sending Me Messages Asking For New Music, Say No more!” the artist wrote.


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