Singer Wahu was once evicted from an apartment even before she moved in.

During her twenties, the talented musician landed a nice one bedroomed apartment  that was owned by a Christian organization.

She paid deposit and signed a contract only for her to later receive a call that she wasn’t allowed to move in. Wahu says she was rejected because she was a musician and was single.

“I once secured the cutest little one bedroom apartment as a young girl in my twenties . I was in love with everything about the house..which happened to be owned by a Christian organization. I struggled and put together the down payment and signed the contract. Then one day, someone called me and told me I couldn’t move in . The reason being that Im musician (they didn’t say it to my face, but it was obvious). Unfortunately , I was judged as a single young girl who loves to sing…so labda ntakua naleta wababa…ama ntakua nalewa Kila siku…i donno….a look they didn’t want to associate with, So even without giving me a chance to show them who I was, I was “evicted” before I moved in,” the mother of three shared online.

Years later, the organization approached her wanting her to be their brand ambassador. Wahu however turned down the offer.

“Flash forward 15 or so years later…the same institution approached me, to be their brand ambassador . Sasa juu I appear “balanced” and a “good role model” the association made sense to themI declined the offer even though nilikua nishaa wasamehe na Nika move on…it didn’t feel right..
Actions speak louder than words..Saying you’re a Christian means nothing if your actions don’t add up,”  she said.

Wahu faulted the Christian organization for judging her. She added had she not been saved, she would have concluded that Christianity is fake.

“I really was not the young girl they had judged me to be…and even if I was….shouldn’t the church love such “wayward” people…as Jesus did? . If I wasn’t a Christian already, Sasa hapo ndipo ningesema Christianity is fake…but thank God I’d been raised in the church..so I knew si Kila mkristo anakuanga hivi…
Let’s endeavor to be people who uphold good values..love…kindness….understanding….and being non judgemental..vitu kama hizo,” the liar hitmaker said.





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