A few day ago, Wahu Kagwi shared several photos with her youngest daughter who was born in October last year.

The mother of three captioned the photos, saying she was taking time to appreciate the moments. She went ahead and referred to her baby as a rainbow baby.

“Im taking time to take it all in & appreciate the moments. My double rainbow baby 🌈🌈 ,” Wahu said.

The caption stirred netizens and many were confused why she would refer to her baby as a rainbow baby.

“What does double rainbow mean somebarry?” an Instagram user commented on her post while another said, “Wewe mkristo, do you know the meaning of a rainbow 🌈 nowadays.”


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“LGBTQ child you can’t introduce a child to this nonsense,” read another comment as another netizen wondered if the child had both sexual organs.

The confusion arose because nowadays, rainbow has highly been associated with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex community. The community uses a rainbow flag as their symbol and the “colours reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ community and the spectrum of human sexuality and gender.”

However, Wahu referring to her baby as Rainbow baby does not mean that she was associating her with LGBTQ community.

According to Very Well Family,  Rainbow baby refers to a child who is born to parents who previously lost their babies through miscarriage, still birth, neonatal death among other infant losses.

In Wahu’s case, her baby was born healthy after losing two unborn babies before.


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    What a blessing ❣️!

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