Ashley Wambo, popularly known as Mono Mono Queen has opened up on the bad behaviours that her husband YouTuber Nicholas Kioko has.

The two were guests of the Tuko’s Couple Show recently where they were required to respond to tough questions about their relationship.

“Which of my habits make you angry, aki anani najua,” Kioko posed the question.

The commercial model admitted that there are a lot of his habits that don’t seat well with her. She told the former Citizen TV journalist that he likes  leaving his clothes around the house which offended her.

“Heh, vitu mingi, kutolea nguo pahali popote unataka kama ni kwa balcony utaziacha tu apo,” she began off.

Kioko defended himself by saying that he is the husband and hence the wife is supposed to pick them up. He further said that Ashley is supposed to collect his glass after he has had a drink.

“I have a wife for God’s sake like nikitoa nguo ,mi ni husband, nikitoa nguo unafaa unafaa uchukue. Nikikula, skiza nikikula, nikikula nikam for example nikikunywa ii drink nafaa niwache ii glass hapo.”

Wambo boldly told her husband that he is ill mannered for some habits like undressing in their sitting room.

She further amidst laughter told him that he could accidentally meet their nannies while still being naked.

“Okay vitu zingine zinaeleweka but zingine ni tabia mbaya. Babe unaacha nguo aje sitting room? Si unafaa kutolea uko bedroom, ueke kwa laundry. Na ukipatana na nannies uko ukizurura uchi?,”she added

The enviable couple recalled the day when Nicholas was kicking their pillow in the sitting room while naked. Nicholas tried to defend himself by saying that it was a ball he was kicking not a pillow.

“Si ball ulikua unapiga pillow mateke…. ni vile hatuezi waekea iyo footage, niko nayo,” Wambo recalled.



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