Are you a born again woman and lonely… Kenyan musician B Classic is looking for you.

B Classic revealed this during a Question Answer session on his Instagram after a fan inquired about his marital status.

”Are you dating or married, naskia you married B”

Unknowingly the fan gave platform to the artist to advertise his marital status ,something that many Kenyans were better still in the dark about.

Unlike many other secular artists B Classic’s likes the low key ladies especially those who love God.

”Mashabiki nisaidieni kutafuta mchumba , awe ana imba praise and worship kanisani ama awe mwalimu wa Sunday school “

Well now the field is free for applications for women who meet the artists requirements.

He joins artists like Justina Syokau ,Ringtone who went public looking for life partners, however they never succeeded.

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