Newly married president of single mothers Esther Akoth has once again warned malicious social media users to keep off her brand.

Akothee issued that warning through social post  calling out people who use her name for fame stating that it took her a lot to develop and earn that brand.

”Clout chases should keep off my Brand”

Extending her disappointments she clarified that the name ”Akothee” a name which many refer to her with is not just a name but a brand and she expects people to respect that.

”AKOTHEE is no one’s relative this is A product & a well built brand without hanging on anyone’s back.”

She continued and even threatened to ask certain individuals to pull down their content if it does not go in line with her regulations.

”Call those people with their names and stop drugging my brand into those cheap madness.
I will ask you to pull down anything starting with Akothee if the content is not
Me ,my children or my husband.” a section of her post read before clarifying how people need to address her.

”I dint build a brand for people to misuse for content. Unless you are looking for me .


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