The Ugandan Ghetto kids dancers took Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) show stage by so much storm that saw the new judge Bruno Tonioli press the golden buzzer mid-performance, a move that might cost him his job.

Their now viral epic dance had the newbie BGT judge and former Strictly Come Dancing judge bursting with excitement, unable to control his emotions he pressed the golden buzzer mid-way forcing the Ugandan Ghetto kids to continue dancing with the gold confetti pouring down on them. Something judge Simon commended.

“Normally the golden buzzer is pressed afterward. You performed with the confetti it was magical,” said Judge Simon.

However, the much-hyped mid-performance golden buzzer might just fire the new judge Bruno as he had broken one of the show’s rules.

According to the rules, the Golden buzzer should be pressed at the end of a performance, the opposite of what Bruno did. Simon later explained to Bruno the show’s rules on the golden buzzer.

“Normally we talk and they wait for the reaction and you press that” Explained Simon.

Some fans of the show were unimpressed by Bruno’s mistakes and took to social media to express their displeasure while calling for the return of former judge David. David exited the show last year after he was recorded disrespecting an elderly contestant.

“Bring back David, not the same without him” read one tweet.

The 67-year-old has not had it smooth on the show  with another mistake prompting his fellow judge Amanda to declare: “He’s never watched the show.”

When nasal recorder performer Mikko Rautiainen had finished his audition and was standing awaiting feedback from the judges, Bruno said: “It’s a ‘no’ from me,” and press his red buzzer. The red buzzers should only be used during a contestant’s performance, not after. Another mistake that everyone called out including the BGT founder Simon.

“You don’t have to do that as well,” Simon said

“Explain the rules, will you?” Added the fellow judge Ant

Bruno quickly apologized for his mistake, but Simon was not having it “Have you ever watched this show?” and Amanda chipped in: “He’s never watched the show.”

BGT viewers are now calling for the removal of Bruno Tonioli with #BringBackDavid topping the trends in London.


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