People of the internet have once again given out their piece of mind on how content creator and brand influencer Pritty Vishy Steps out.

This time it was not about her shape or relationship status but a make up transformation that many feel went a miss.


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”The wig is beautiful 😍❤️, but the makeup is too much, two colour’s in one person 🤔🫣🤣🤣

unakaa fiti na makeup but wameover do..uso haifanani na mwili .

Make up wewe

Makeup overdone lol 😆”

Apart from the  make up going wrong her fans also felt like her wig and lash installation was poorly done.

”You look pretty but that wig wangeikata vizuri at least Kufika that sieve 🙌👌

”Afta wig na make up umefanana kinuthia

”Lakini hiyo lash ya right side 🤔”

Others faulted the lighting and for not doing justice since their favorite influencer was looking good as usual.

”Unaka vibaya

Everything is okay…❤️❤️ the room lighting ndio iko mingi”

Wow pretty this one looks good on you

❤️beautiful queen

❤️ Wow you so beautiful”


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A post shared by Winny (@rose._beauty_)

This is however not the first time that Pritty Vishy is being criticized for her confidence. ”I sell confidence to my plus size queens” She posed in bikini’s.

Her followers expressed mixed  reactions with what they saw and they never shied away from telling Pritty Vishy how they feel.

Some of her fans were elated with her confidence and the fact that she appreciates  her body to an extent of flaunting it.

”Hii confidence Ile siku ntaipata😂😂hamnishiki walai
This confidence is on another level 😂❤️😂
😍😍😍😍you pretty girl… mwenye anasema zimelala aende aangalie za mamake kama zimesimama Bado .. kama matiti were meant kusimama zingeumbwa na
Sasa wenye mnaongea mbaya mnataka we us plus size tuswim na dera ama skirt😂😂mko na ufala Sana wachaneni na Sisi @prittyvishy enjoy mama”
Critics were not left behind this is what they had to tell her.
No wonder every man is shying away
Ladies let’s gather here…..muache kuentertain ujinga mkiambia msee ako sawa.
Stop hiding yourself behind “plus size ” thing, I know we don’t like the truth,so enda gym and try portion control tumbo iishe, real plus size babies they don’t have sagging Tammies🥱””


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