One of Kenya’s celebrated thespian  Abel Mutua better known Mkurugenzi has shown support to his wife Judy Nyawira over poor parenting claims.

Following an uproar on social media 3 days ago concerning events that led to the parents agreeing to have make up applied on their 12 yr daughter  Steaphanie Wambua.

According to the clip that elicited the uproar the family is seen preparing for the mother daughter conversation shoot  and Abel Mutua’s only daughter can also be seen being applied make up on.

“Come on Judy, I know you’re great mum super mum, but I feel like she is too young for makeup,” A follower commented.

With his Film making knowledge acquired over the years Mkurugenzi replied back that make up is one of the a must procedures in film making.

“That’s the standard procedure during filming so that she doesn’t shine on camera. Hiyi hata men huwa wanafanyiwa.” he stated.


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A few weeks ago international journalist Larry Madowo was also on the spot for applying make up yet he is a guy.

But now the filmmaker himslef has made it clear make up is one of the important procedure a cast must go through before getting on set.

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