Betty Kyallo

One of the finest news anchors Kenya has ever had Betty Kyallo is the true definition of a rich kid. This is after she revealed that its been quite long since she used Pubic Service Vehicles.

Many Kenyan’s  prefer using matatu’s to move form one place to another basically because its cheap and most cannot afford using taxi’s and private cars.

However, the case is different from Flair by Betty who is not sure on when she last used a matatu for movement across town.

Mama Ivanna made this revelation during an interview with one of the local entertainment houses at the night when she together with her two sisters Mercy and Gloria  were launching Kyallo Culture season 2.

”What eeh eeh I think probably 2009” she responded after being asked when she last used a matatu by the interviewer.

“The last time I walked on foot, to where? Let me be honest. I used Matatu the last time in 1997. I need one sacco to volunteer to take me anywhere to Kilimani. Mheshimiwa, Patricia Mutheu, Acting CEO Matatu Owners Association, please organise a sacco . Maina revealed.

Another interesting confession about a celebrity and PSV’s was from former Morning Kiss presenter Kamene Goro who revealed that she has never boarded a matatu.

She was however, going to board a matatu for the first time because it had her face painted on, and this shocked his co-host by then Jalas and the rest of their followers.

”This night I will be walking in a nganya, going to Switch, Kasarani. My mathree is on that route, for the first time in my life I am going to board a matatu. One that has my face,” an exited Kamene Goro said.

Despite matatu’s  being common means of transport many Kenyans however judge celebrities and influencers whenever they use Public Service Vehicles.

How often do you use a matatu?





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