The United States Of America and Kenya have just signed a defense cooperation agreement which is aimed at boosting counter terrorism efforts in East Africa  and supporting Kenya as she takes the lead in a security mission in Haiti.

The Us defense secretary Lloyd Austin  and Kenya’s defense cabinet secretary Aden Duale signed the agreement which will dictate the working terms of the two nations for the next five years.

The United states have pledged $100,000,000 while her counterpart Kenya committed  to deploy 1000 police officers to help restore security in the Caribbean country.

In his speech, Austin expressed that the US was committed to working with Kenya to bring stability and security to the region and beyond. He thanked Kenya for its leadership and friendship before stating that the signing of the defense framework  reinforces the importance of partnership between the two countries.

”Signing the framework for the defense cooperation  between our two countries today reinforces the importance of our strategic partnership with Kenya. It will help guide our bilateral defense relationships for the next five years.” he stated.

On his part, Duale  explained that under the signed framework , they would work hand in hand with the Us on the whole space of counter terrorism and Kenya’s  maritime security to bring peace and security  in the horn of Africa and beyond.

”Under this framework, we are working on the whole space of counter terrorism, we are working with the US in our maritime security, we are working with the Us in bringing peace and security within the region Horn of Africa.” the CS stated.



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