Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale has received support from The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) over his Hijab remarks that many term controversial amidst different interpretations.

Duale was quoted by a local newspaper which read; ”Aden Duale to Kenyan Muslim women: Wear hijab in public or find another country to live”

SUPKEM defending Duale decried of the reporter and the media organisation of being unprofessional stating that they ran a pre-conceived agenda which is detrimental to the public.

SUPKEM National Chairman Hassan Ole Naado cleared the air maintaining that Duale had called on public institutions to respect the rights of Muslim women and allow them to wear hijab in line with Islamic teachings.

The government will respect Muslim culture. We will make sure our girls wear hijab. If you have a problem with our girls and wives wearing hijab, you better leave this country because they will wear hijab,’’ SUPKEM stated noting that it can produce footage containing Duale’s remarks.

On the other hand David Ndii President William Ruto’s Economic Council Chairperson, responding to the remarks cautioned the media against “religious bigotry” noting that the government has no place for such conduct.

“Duale was not misquoted. He said they will make Muslim girls wear hijab. That is the road to Talibanism,” Ndii stated.

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