Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami has unleashed her anger on social media personality identified as Sabato Sabatoo after trolled her for adding weight.

Nadia called out Sabato saying he should find something else to use if he wants to trend and not her body. She noted that she is comfortable with her current physique and will embrace it until she is done breastfeeding.

She further urged Sabato to focus on other female artists if he doesn’t like her body

“Don’t body shame me!! If you want to trend use something else not my body! Who brought you up? A woman? She should be ashamed! I like my body till my baby reaches around 2years! For now I will eat since I am still breastfeeding!! You don’t like my body, there are other female artists you can listen to!,” the mother of one said.

She went ahead to tell Sabato that he will never enjoy parenting unless he asks for her forgiveness.

“Mark this comment !!You will never enjoy parenthood! ( spits on my hand!) You will never enjoy parenthood! Utanitafuta nikusamehe one day!” she said.

While criticizing her body, Sabato said that he was not able to identify her after spotting her with Arrow Bwoy.

“Nimeona Nadia leo na Mshaleboy(Arrow Bwoy). Shida yenu nyinyi wasichana ni moja  when we tell you the truth you guys say, wasichana watakuja, mafeminist ooh body shaming but saa ingine ukweli ni ukweli. Nimeona Mshale Boy amepiga gym ameshona, ako na mwili poa. Nikaangalia mshale Boy ako nani nikafikiri ni Charlie Chaplain. Halafu Nadia alikuwa amevaa nguo kubwa kubwa. Halafu akiangalia hivi na nyuma unaezadhani ni Inspekta Mwala,” he said.

He urged Nadia to work out and warned that she is on the verge of losing Arrow Bwoy.


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This comes just days after Nadia Mukami celebrated losing 11 kilograms. Nadia previously weighed 79kgs.

“Finally losing my baby weight and now I am starting to be confident in myself!! Finally at 59 kgs from 70kgs. Trolls were on my neck! Mcheeew!!” she shared on Instagram


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