President William Ruto is not exempted from the cursing fever that infects us all time and again.

The cameras caught the president cursing during his live interview with all the media houses yesterday at State House.

He was responding to a question from one of the journalists on the housing program.

In the midst of explaining his point, Ruto lost it and spewed the ”S” curse word as the journalists stared in horror.

”We have to solve this shit.” he stated.

The head of state however handled the situation very well. He laughed it off before apologizing quickly before the anchors could stabilize themselves to ask a question related to the cursing while live on air.

This incident has caused mixed reactions as Kenyans immediately took it to the internet to discuss whether it was right for their president to curse around.

Some felt that him being a president did not excuse him from being human and as such he was bound to error. Others however, maintained that it was wrong on all fonts for the president to curse on live as it indicated that he curses freely in other spaces.

”He is human like the rest of us and hence its okay, it even makes him more relatable.”

”Kama ana curse live on Tv it means he curses in his daily life as well.”

”This is so wrong, sasa tutakaza aje watoto kutumia hiz maneno kama prezo mwenywe anacurse.” netizens inquired.

The president cursing on air was considered a  bizzare occurence since those before him had never found himself in such a fix.

However, he is not the only famous leader  whose words has played him while addressing a crowd.

The former president of the United States Donald J Trump was known for frequently dropping the ”F” word

Senator John Kelly running in a brutal 2004 presidential race against incumbent President George W. Bush, dropped the f-bomb in an interview in the November 11, 2004, edition of Rolling Stone magazine.






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