Former gospel singer Weezdom has announced his break up with Mylee Staicy.

Weezdom took to his Instagram account to reveal that they were no longer an item after Mylee disrespected his mother.

According to him, he has done all that he could to salvage the relationship but his efforts proved futile.

“Announcement! nimejaribu vile naweza imeshindikana. Nimeachana na Mylee Staicy. No one disrespects my mother,” he said.

Screenshot of Weezdom’s Instagram post


Weezdom proceeded to his Insta stories to further air his grievances. He he has also removed Mylee’s photos and videos from his account.

“Tried my best I deserve better na sitawahiongelea hii story tena. It’s done. Mylee is so ungrateful na siwezi kubali nirudi kwa stress ama mawazo I better release her,” he said.

His followers were however unconvinced by the information and some claimed that the two were just chasing clout.

“Announcement ya kurudiana ni kesho ama lini,” Jalang’o posed.

Weezdom responded denying that he was chasing clout.

“Mhesh nipigie na ujue sifanyi clout,” he said.

Another Instagram user said that they were not giving fans a break and he responded to the comment saying, ” wewe wacha maneno, kimeniramba vimajor.”

Others suggested Weezdom was just preparing fans for Season two of Take Me Home TV series.

Mylee on the other hand has not spoken a word about their troubled relationship.

The supposed breakup however comes just weeks after they rekindled their romance following a year’s long separation. Weezdom went ahead to propose to his estranged lover during the season’s finale of their TV series Take Me Home.

“We said ‘YES’ to forever 💍❤️God’s timing brought us here, and I can’t wait to discover the beautiful pages of this new chapter together! 📖💫 Once in a lifetime, we found love’s renewal. 💕💍✨ After countless trials, we’re writing a new story, knowing God’s timing is perfect. 🙏 Excited for the unwritten pages of our future together!📖💑 @WEEZDOM254 ❤️ I LOVE YOU❤️,” he wrote on an Instagram post.




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