Comedian Eric Omondi is looking for the female youth who confronted Uasin Gishu  County leaders governor Jonathan Bii Chelilim, Deputy Governor John Barorot and Senator Jackson Mandago.

In a statement he shared on Instagram, the self proclaimed president asked his followers to help him find contacts of the lady in question, saying that he has a plan.

“I am urgently looking for this girl, anyone with her contacts please DM. No one will save us if we don’t save ourselves, we have a plan,” Eric Omondi said.

The former Kabarak University student put the county’s top leadership on task during a meeting  that had been convened by governor Bii, to settle the issue on the Finland and Canada airlift programme that had sparked uproar and protests among parents and students. It is alleged that parents lost millions in the programme that was aimed at securing a better future for their children.

The courageous graduate first questioned why the leaders arrived at the venue of the meeting late, noting that they had kept their sick and elderly parents waiting for long without food.

“First of all mmetuita meeting sisi na wazazi wetu mkasema meeting ni ya 9 am, mmefika sangapi? You don’t expect me to ask such a question but this are the people that you elected you for you to serve them. I may seem very foolish in front of you considering I am very young.

“Gukaa hajakula kitu tangu asubuhi. Tumeleta wazazi wetu wengine ni wagonjwa wako na presssure wengine wako na diabetes wengine wako  wako na depression. Mr. Chelilim nilisoma na watoto wako watatu. Nataka nikuulize swali moja, unajua dawa ya depression? ” she posed

She further said leaders’ children were currently living better lives in Australia and Canada. She turned to the crowd and asked if any of there children were present.

The student told Mandago and his colleagues that they were liars and all they do is smile and look innocent.

“You have given your children a head start, this government of his excellency the president was for the hustlers. I am a graduate, I was supposed o go to Canada but I am selling uji, kazi ni kazi, that’s okay, your daughter probably she is earning her Euros in the UK, she said.

“You are very mean with the truth, you keep lying, you smile at us, with a very smooth tongue and a very soft face that looks like it’s very innocent, but you keep on lying and lying,” she added.



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While addressing the matter of Finland airlift programmed, senator Mandago said that the programme was not a scholarship, but the county termed it so to make the process easy.

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