It seems that socialite Vera Sidika is the only Kenyan who doesn’t understand the meaning of rosecoco, a new slang that has taken the country by storm for a few weeks now.

The mother of two took to her Insta stories questioning what it was, saying she is in the dark. Rosecoco has been trending several times on social media since it found a new meaning.

“What is rosecoco, I’m in the dark,” she wrote.

Some of her followers probably told her the meaning of the term and she couldn’t hide her surprise, in a separate story.

“Ghaiii,” she said.

Ideally, rosecoco is a kind of bean(pink or red brown) that is widely grown in the country. The legume is consumed by many because it does not give gas.

The name however found a different meaning among Kenyan youths and it is currently used to refer to the female reproductive part.

Kenyans embraced the name after it emerged that it was being used by a male massager who massages his clients in birthday suits.

Here are some of the hilarious comments with the name;

“DJ Fatxo has denied allegation claiming that he’s been chewing Sabina Chege’s rosecoco while on an interview at Radio Jambo with regards to Jeff Mwathi death.”

“The only thing Pauline Njoroge can manage is her rosecoco and Karanja Kibicho’s dick.

“Karibia karibia customer upate rosecoco free of charge alafu tunakuzawidi room bure. Vile vile tunafanya dem replacement na tunakufananisha rosecoco.”

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